*Adult use registration is NOT required

Joining CBCB as a patient or caregiver is easy when you use any of the options listed below.

Please note that in all cases you will need to have the following:


Valid recommendation from a CA-licensed physician


Government-issued Photo ID (driver’s license, etc.)


A Completed CBCB Membership Application

This is the most common way our members sign up. Our reception staff are here to help with any part of the process.

Remember to bring your valid doctor’s recommendation and government-ID, and let us know you’re new! To make your first visit quicker, you can print the new member application, fill it out and bring it with you.

download New Member Application in PDF here

Register with us online by clicking here. This allows you to fill out your application and submit PDF or JPG images of your physician’s recommendation and government-issued ID.

Let our reception team know you signed up online, and have your recommendation and ID ready for speedy entry.

To register via email, download the new patient registration packet here. Scan and attach PDF images of the completed application, your recommendation, and your government-issued ID in an email to


The law requires we verify your doctor’s recommendation prior to giving access to cannabis products and services. In some cases, it may be impossible to verify your recommendation on the same day.

Thank you for choosing CBCB!