• "At CBCB I found a very professional, knowledgeable
    and compassionate staff."
    - Patient

  • "Without pain I am a better
    person - less stressed, more understanding, more motivated,
    and more productive."
    - Patient

  • "I am no longer required to suffer from the debilitating side-effects associated with long term use of pharmaceuticals." - Patient

  • "Medical Cannabis really made
    a huge difference in my quality
    of life."
    - Patient

  • "I am so grateful for the effects of medical cannabis, it has given me the ability to endure my pain in a healthy way"
    - Patient

What We Do

CBCB is a community known for providing alternative health services that has included medicinal cannabis for years. Going to CBCB is not just about fulfilling a need but about allowing yourself to enjoy an experience beyond the space of your daily routine. With years of expertise and research behind it, CBCB is staffed with professionally trained individuals that draw upon scientific research to assist patients in finding a regimen that best alleviates their symptoms. When it comes to knowing what's best, we are part of your circle just as much as you are part of ours. Helping each other learn, grow, and find fulfillment where it's needed is what being a part of the CBCB family is all about.
I think cannabis is among the safer drugs available to treat, in particular, pain."
--Dr. Timothy MacDonald, University of Virginia

Patient Education

Cannabis has been used for at least 10,000 years. Before cannabis was banned in the United States by the marijuana Tax Act of 1937, cannabis medicines were widely available in the United States from many of the major pharmaceutical companies…

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Our Services

We strive to provide the best possible service to meet all of our patient-members' needs. Our commitment is to empower our patient-members to overcome their health challenges with courage, determination and dignity. Check out all of our services: learn the basics, get the lowdown, get together and volunteer.

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Tips for Patients

Whether you’re a novice or experienced medical cannabis patient, the following tips may help you to use medical cannabis more effectively.

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Compassion, Activism, Volunteerism

Whether you want to become more involved in the political process, protect your rights, or simply become more informed, knowing your resources and allies is a crucial step in the process. At CBCB we have a resource table full of literature. We also have a highly informed staff who are eager to share insight and help anyone interested in becoming active in the community...Read More


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